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Teach Your Children Well

Tree frogs start their summer evening songs in the scented boxwoods and lilacs and assorted bee attracting foliage that shade our leisure evening view over the children running and playing on the green fields of their country club bubble.  We’re talking about them.  As usual.  Do moms

Just One Thing

I sat down at a table next to a woman in Starbucks, head buried in her computer, tapping away furiously. On a second glance I recognized her as an acquaintance. She looked up and we exchanged pleasantries. Not that she felt much like casual small talk. “I’ve

Miraculous Monarchs

Nature has many marvels.  One of the most miraculous is the Monarch butterfly. These creatures, fragile flying origami dipped in orange and black water colors, undertake a massive 2500 mile migration every year, often to the exact Oyamel fir tree in Central Mexico’s Oyamel Forest that they