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A Walk in the Woods

Dogs sit in cages in “research” torture chambers around the world.  Injected with diseased cells, force-fed powerful drugs, chemicals, hormones, alcohol ……….. in the name of “science” and “finding a cure”. We turn a blind eye to the inhumanity, buy shares in Big Pharma companies and swallow

What is Biltong ?

What is biltong and where does it come from ?  I’m glad you asked !  South Africans have been making it since the 17th century and you will learn everything you need to know about it right here !

Keep it Simple : Walk

Keep it simple.  Walk.  You are not embarking on this to lose weight.  This is just for your greater good.  Start small. Around the block, even less.  Just go for a walk.  Better yet – take the dog – and walk it every day. While you walk

Fall Decorating

Whenever Fall comes around I have grand visions of mulled wine on the patio before a blazing chiminea under twinkling fairy lights (all you need is an extension cord) dangling romantically in the branches of a tree.  Front steps overflowing with pumpkins and candlelight and ears of