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Looking at History

The world’s stage beckons. Sometimes the odds are stacked in our favor, a glittering temple of ambition achieved, enemies vanquished and life preserved. Sometimes – stage right – sirens blare and neon warnings blink and airplanes hover, bomb, hurtle to the moon, Mars, the depths of the

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Many, many years ago I attended a work function one winter evening at a destination I can’t remember in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.  We walked into this large, open room.  It was sparsely decorated, cold high ceilings and dimly lit by candlelight and fire.

The One Thing I Bake

I’m not a “foodie”.  I don’t spend hours slaving over a hot stove.  I don’t spend whole weekends compiling a month of different crock-pot meals in freezer bags, although I think it a wonderful idea and efficiency at its finest.  I made my children’s birthday cakes from