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Miraculous Monarchs

Nature has many marvels.  One of the most miraculous is the Monarch butterfly. These creatures, fragile flying origami dipped in orange and black water colors, undertake a massive 2500 mile migration every year, often to the exact Oyamel fir tree in Central Mexico’s Oyamel Forest that they

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Many, many years ago I attended a work function one winter evening at a destination I can’t remember in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.  We walked into this large, open room.  It was sparsely decorated, cold high ceilings and dimly lit by candlelight and fire.

A Walk in the Woods

Dogs sit in cages in “research” torture chambers around the world.  Injected with diseased cells, force-fed powerful drugs, chemicals, hormones, alcohol ……….. in the name of “science” and “finding a cure”. We turn a blind eye to the inhumanity, buy shares in Big Pharma companies and swallow

Fall Decorating

Whenever Fall comes around I have grand visions of mulled wine on the patio before a blazing chiminea under twinkling fairy lights (all you need is an extension cord) dangling romantically in the branches of a tree.  Front steps overflowing with pumpkins and candlelight and ears of