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Being An Expat

You look back over time with something akin to nostalgia. Walking to the train station, hands plunged deep into pockets of a black winter coat, streetlights blinking through the damp mist. City lights reflected in dark canals. Noise spilling like overflowing Hoegaarden out of smoky pubs, a

El Niño Simplified

We have heard much about El Niño recently – the much maligned phenomenon responsible for some record warm Christmases from New York to Atlanta on the US East coast. “El Niño is wreaking havoc with our weather” is an ice-breaker (ha ha) from water cooler to cocktail

Looking at History

The world’s stage beckons. Sometimes the odds are stacked in our favor, a glittering temple of ambition achieved, enemies vanquished and life preserved. Sometimes – stage right – sirens blare and neon warnings blink and airplanes hover, bomb, hurtle to the moon, Mars, the depths of the