A Big, Bold Blessing Bag Plan

Synchronicity (what a beautiful word) is the extraordinary concept of the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that can’t be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.  CNN recently covered it in an article titled, The Other Side : Where do coincidences come from.

An experience of synchronicity can be jaw dropping, out of this world amazing.  My experience of it today was not …….. but the result could be.

A friend shared a Facebook post this morning by Love What Matters.  It spoke of blessing bags that can be kept in your car and handed out to people you see on the street in need.  Blessing bags can be Ziplocs stocked with items such as gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wipes, deodorant and other items which might be helpful to someone who is homeless or in a bad way.

Example of a Blessing Bag

Example of a Blessing Bag

My friend took the concept further by suggesting it should be extended to dogs too.  A bag with a treat, an easily opened can of food or ziploc of dry food, little bottle of water and perhaps a small blanket for a dog that could also do with a touch of kindness.

Yes!  Definitely kindred thinking.  But in our rather protected, homogenous suburban lives – how often do we come across the people and animals that could really benefit from a ‘blessing bag’?  I tucked the thought away for possible future exploration – a good idea, somewhere, sometime, maybe …….

A later scroll through Facebook presented a post by Pet Buddies Food Pantry (an organization that provides spay/neuter, medical care, and food to pet owners who can’t afford it, thus attempting to reduce shelter surrenders of family pets due to economic woes.)  The post, accompanied by this photo, was as follows :

pet buddies

We see a lot of people living on the streets with dogs that they have rescued along the way. Pet Buddies never has an empty trunk and tonight was one of those nights we could provide a little help. Stay warm new puppy friends!

And, in a calm quiet synchronistic moment, it hit me : here they are !  Exactly the people and pets that could desperately do with a ‘blessing bag’.  We don’t even need to walk the streets in seedier parts of town or scour the trailer parks.  Pet Buddies Food Pantry is already there.

I bet if we could get ‘blessing bags’ to them they would be able to share them with those people and their pets most in need of a little blessing.

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